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News: 70 Years of the Jaguar XK120

Suppose you were a visitor to the London Motor Show in 1948 and you had just put your name on the waiting listing for a Morris Minor.


A memory – it is 1975 and we are travelling towards Lewes in my maternal grandfather’s dark green four-door 1955 Morris Minor Series II.


‘No frills - no radio, head rests rear wiper or glove box’ - that’s how Paul Thomson describes his 1983 Austin Metro Standard which is ‘one of nine base models left on the road’.


“I’ve always been a Japanese car guy. My first car was a 1983 Suzuki SJ410, and I have had a 1985 Mazda 323 RWD estate, Suzuki SC100 and 1998 Subaru Impreza etc. I had been looking for a large classic Japanese estate car for a while and when I saw the Cedric, I had to get it”.

News: 60 Years of the Fiat 500

If anyone compiled a list of ‘The Top Ten Most Charming Cars Ever Made’, the Fiat Nuova 500 will possibly be a contender to come top of the list.

News: Do you remember the Renault 14?

Some cars seem destined never to make their mark on the British motorist, and one such is the Renault 14. On paper, it appeared to be an ideal rival to the Volkswagen Golf, but the 14 is seldom encountered in their homeland, and UK registered survivors are very rare.

News: 60 Years of the Riley One Point Five and Wolseley 1500

It must be said that the chap in the Riley brochure looks as jaunty as a young Nicolas Parsons or indeed any other actor who was prone to saying ‘gosh’ in a 1950s Technicolor comedy. And it is no wonder that he is tipping his hat to the new One Point Five, as it was – and indeed is – one of the most delightful British cars of the late 1950s.

News: John Surtees Remembered

‘Try to imagine it today: a motorcyclist, a seven-time world champion admittedly, hopping into an F1 car and seizing the title four years later. It is motorsport’s equivalent of a concert pianist discovering that he can also play violin to the standard of Yehudi Menuhin’ – The Daily Telegraph.

News: 90 Years of Volvo

On 14th April 1927, the first Volvo car left the factory in Gothenburg. To celebrate 90 years of this great marque here is my own, very personal, list of my seven favourite vehicles to bear the Volvo badge…

News: Do You Remember the Talbot Horizon?

What was Car of the Year for 1979? Surely it was the Opel Senator or maybe the B2-series Audi 80? But the answer, as all Talbot and Simca enthusiasts will proudly tell you, was the Horizon, a true ‘World Car’ that was made in France, Spain, Finland, the UK and the USA.

News: Top Ten Fast Fords

This could have so easily been a ‘Top 20’ or even a ‘Top 30’. For the moment here, in date order and in my opinion, are ten truly fabulous fast Fords – and if your favourite is absent, there will be another ‘Top Ten’ later this year!

News: The Original Ford Capri

Put simply, this is one of my favourite British Fords, a car from the last days of winklepicker shoes, DA hairstyles and British rock & roll. The fact that Heinz Just Like Eddie Burt once drove a Consul Capri 335 seems so appropriate, for this is a car of innate glamour, from its tail fins to the radiator grille decorated with five stars.