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Some cars – no names – merely peter out at the end of a long run. A few conclude their career in a morass of special edition versions, festooned with stripes and wheel trims. And a select few ceased production on a high note – the Ford Capri 280 Brooklands, the Mini in 2000 and the Triumph 2500S.

News: Ten Reasons Why The Hell Drivers Is A Better Film Than Bullitt

Many car enthusiasts believe that Bullitt is the greatest car-related film of all time. In addition to that chase and Peter Yates’ direction, there is the brilliant support acting of Don Gordon, Simon Oakland and Robert Duvall, the locations and the music of Lalo Schifrin.

News: Diana Rigg 1938 - 2020

As with many of my generation, I first encountered The Avengers in the 1980s, when Channel Four re-screened Series Five – and after just one episode, I was a devotee for life. There was the theme tune by Laurie Johnson and the villains played by Peters Bowles and Wyngarde, or Kenneth J Warren; eccentrics, mad scientists and bounders who try to maintain the status quo by any means possible. Of course, there were also the motor cars.


This week marks the sixth anniversary of a television channel that is a source of delight to classic machinery and cinema fans alike. After all, who needs the likes of Celebrity Supermarket Warehouse Shift Worker and Help – Even My Agent Has Forgotten My Name?


As the 50th birthday of ‘The Car You Always Promised Yourself’ approaches, here are just five memorable Capri appearances on film and television.

News: Do You Remember The BMC J2

In the 1970s and 1980s, it seemed to be an unofficial rule that any school trip had to be undertaken using a J2-based minibus.

News: Carrying On - With The London Vintage Taxi Association

On Sunday 31st March, Windsor was visited by an icon of British cinema. To a casual observer, the Austin 12/4 Low-Loader with Strachan coachwork was a wonderfully preserved example of the sort of taxi that you so often see in newsreels of London.

News: Meet The Owner - Neil Osborn and his Citroen Ami Super

As this year sees 100 years of Citroën, we commence a series of celebratory blogs with one of their most intriguing “Q” cars – the Ami Super.

News: Meet The Owner - Paul Stevens and his 1960 Citroen ID19

The year is 1960, and the good citizens of Slough are fleeing in terror from what appears to be an alien spacecraft; albeit one that uses four wheels.

News: The Ultimate Summer Car? - Bob Hart's Beach Mini

As the 60th anniversary of the Mini approaches, we will be featuring blogs on the many facets of its story – including the version aimed at the “Jet Set” of bygone days.

News: Ten Reasons to Watch British Pathé Newsreels

For many years, the British Pathé newsreel was as much a part of a visit to the cinema as the B-film (‘I tell you, Inspector, I was nowhere near Southampton Docks that night!’), the travelogue, the main feature and the over-priced confectionary. Their final newsreel was produced in February 1970, and today the Pathé back catalogue is free to access on YouTube. Here are just ten reasons why we so enjoy showcasing this quite incredible historical resource

News: Do you Remember the Triumph Renown?

We never learned if the Miss Marples of the Margaret Rutherford series of films for MGM-British owned a motor-car – but if she did, it was likely to have been a well-polished Triumph Renown Limousine.