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News: Top Five High-Performance Police Cars

This is far from an exclusive list of the high-performance vehicles that police forces used for traffic cars, undercover pursuits or as a high-profile deterrent to would-be Nigel Mansells.

News: Top 7 Doctor Who Cars

The announcement on July 16th of the Thirteenth Doctor sent me back to the distant past, one long before Christopher Eccleston – a time of disused quarries, entertaining rubber-costumed monsters and when masterminds who craved to rule the universe sported pointed beards to highlight their malign natures. And, as it turned out, quite a variety of cars…

News: Top 10 Overlooked Cars in Bond

Nearly all of us are familiar with the Aston Martin DB5, the Lotus Esprit and the other cars prepared by the Q division, but this is a tribute to those often unsung four-wheeled heroes of the Bond films.

News: Nice Cars - Shame About The Film

There is a select group of British films in which the viewer thinks a) what great cars b) the poor cast and c) I have just wasted at least 70 minutes of my life on this utter tripe. Here are just seven pictures which are always worth watching for various Jaguars, Triumphs or Wolseleys, even if they have the dramatic impact of the BBC Test Card. Enjoy….

News: Top Ten 007 Cars

The recent announcement by Daniel Craig that he will be starring in the 25th 007 film has prompted me to think of my top ten favourite Bond cars.

News: Classic cars of the 60s

The ‘swinging 60's’ was a memorable decade with a lot of firsts, Beatlemania and a very famous job in Italy. Here we profile some iconic events, moments and equally special cars that bring a wide smile to our faces whenever we think of them.

News: The Cars and Events That Shaped The 70s

Groovy-baby! The 70s was famous for psychedelic art, punk music and Jaws. Not forgetting the glorious classic cars! Here we profile some iconic events, moments and fabulous classics that graced the tarmac.

News: Lancaster Insurance supports BC Cars Motorsport team in the 2016 season

Lancaster Insurance is thrilled to be extending its support of the ‘BC Cars Motorsport team’ for another season, following last year’s successful outing.

News: Classic Police Cars through the decades

Our very own Classic Car Club Liaison, Andrew Misseldine, talks us through his memories of classic police cars through the decades.

News: Top Five British Sitcom Cars

This is an absolutely personal, biased and subjective list of British sitcom cars that made an impact on the younger me... Here are my top five British sitcom cars! - Written by Andy Roberts

News: Driving Down Memory Lane – The Truly Forgotten Cars

"Over the last week I‘ve been driving down memory lane, looking through reviews and road-tests of cars I’d forgotten had ever existed. Here's a list of the Truly Forgotten Cars." - Written by Andy Roberts

News: 10 of the best American muscle cars

Just as with cinema, food and literature, every country has its own unique take on car manufacture. Historically, the Europeans and Japanese have highlighted handling, while the traditional American approach was to go for power. And they don’t get much more powerful than the American muscle cars of the 60s and early 70s.