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News: 1965 Morris LD30 Mk. III “Wandsworth” Ambulance

This is our tribute to the London Ambulance Service whose personnel voluntarily maintain a priceless historic fleet. One of the star exhibits is the Morris LD30 Mk. III “Wandsworth”.


Ian Quarry remarks that his 1965 Morris Mini Traveller is often 'smiled at and noticed…'. This is not surprising, as the car that represented 'Wizardry at work again!'

News: Lancaster Insurance to arrange cover for all ages of Morris Minor drivers

Lancaster Insurance has announced that it will be widening its Morris Minor schemes, further strengthening its association with the marque.

News: Morris Minor Owner Club member is the winner in our 2016 ‘Lifetime ticket’ competition at the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show

For the past few years, we’ve offered our customers and friends the opportunity to win a pair of ‘Lifetime tickets’ to the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show. This year’s winner was Mike Dean, a Morris Minor Owner Club member, and we’re thrilled the tickets have gone to someone who is as passionate about the show as we are!


Put simply, the British Motor Corporation’s ADO16 range is one of the most important family of cars in the history of the UK’s automotive industry. When the original Morris 1100 debuted on 15th August 1962, it was not just the Mini-formula writ large; it introduced thousands of drivers to the concepts of FWD and Italian-styling all at a price within reach of the average suburbanite.

News: Do You Remember - The Morris 1800 MK.1?

In the 1960s the British Motor Corporation was renowned – or notorious, depending on your point of view – for its “badge-engineering”. This would occasionally result in some very short-lived modes, such as the Morris 1800 Mk. I, which debuted in 1966 and lasted only until the launch of the Mk. II “Landcrab” in 1968.

News: Car of the Month - Rick Burmingham and his Morris Marina 1.8 HL

Mr. Burmingham never really noticed the Marina ‘until my dad bought a used 1.3 saloon in 1975.’ That Morris proved so reliable that four years later ‘he insisted on me buying a 1.3 Coupe to replace a rusting Mini’.


Back in the days when everyone apparently lived in black and white, a Morris J-Type would have been as much an aspect of daily life as queueing at the local Co-Op or grumbling about the wild music of Lonnie Donegan & His Skiffle Group.

News: Club of the month: Morris Marina Owners’ Club

Frank Phillips and Clive Higgins founded the Morris Marina Owners’ Club, incorporating the Morris Ital Register, in 1985 and has supported owners of the Morris Marina, Ital and all of its derivatives ever since.

News: Lancaster Insurance expands Morris Minor schemes for club members

Lancaster Insurance, classic car insurance specialist, has reinforced its commitment to the marque by widening its schemes to offer cover for any Morris manufactured car as well as small Morris commercial vehicles.

News: Meet The Owner – Tim Mullings and his Morris Marina Jubilee

‘I receive so much respect when I take it for a drive; thumbs up and waves from pedestrians and headlamps flashed by other drivers. And it is small wonder that Tim Mullings’s Morris Marina Jubilee attracts such positive attention for if you owned one of these fine cars some 46 years ago, you would have enjoyed enhancing status in your community.


For many of us it is the smallest details of an old car that can evoke such powerful memories – the transmission whine on a Vauxhall Viva HB, the tip-up seats on a four-door Morris 1100 – and the oval shaped interior mirror on a 1965 Hillman Super Minx.