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‘I bought my Toyota Hi-Ace Campervan in 2018 having looked at VW “Bay Window” Vans, but I wanted something a bit more a) unusual and b) reliable’.

News: How to save money on your next campervan holiday

Hitting the road in a classic camper can be a dream holiday but it also comes at a cost. If your last campervan trip cost more than you planned, make sure you follow these tips for a more affordable adventure next time.

News: 7 ways to personalise your classic campervan

The options for adding personality to your campervan are limitless. Here are a few tips and insights to get you started on making your cherished camper truly feel like a home on wheels.

News: How to prevent damage to your campervan windscreen

The windscreen of a classic camper is particularly vulnerable to harm. Any self-respecting owner won’t want the head-turning powers of their retro vehicle to be spoilt by some unsightly cracks or chips.

News: How to protect your campervan keys

Whether you’re at home, in the supermarket or at the beach, we all know that sinking feeling when you’re looking for your campervan keys and you have the sudden realisation you’ve lost them. Or even worse, they’ve been stolen!

Campervan Insurance

Why You Need Campervan Insurance? If you’ve been wondering how serious travellers spend their holidays, we’ve got the answer for you, and its campervans. Campervans are becoming more and more popular among people who want to avoid the hassle of airport check-ins, but still see another corner of the world - on their own terms.

Campervan Overnight Parking

One of the most up-to-date and reliable resources of CamperStops in the UK. Helping to transform free time into leisure time, weekends into holidays and holidays into adventures.

News: 6 most common types of campervan to use for a UK holiday

Exploring the great British Isles by campervan is one of life’s little pleasures. In fact, there are an estimated 225,000 campervans and motorhomes on the UK’s roads right now, meaning more of us than ever are choosing those mode of transport as a way of getting out and seeing our amazing country.

News: What’s the difference between a campervan and a motorhome?

If the idea of road trips, surfing and getting away from it all appeals to you, then so too will the idea of owning a campervan or motorhome.

News: Fire safety when touring in your campervan

Fires in campervans are extremely rare, but when they do happen they can cause a huge amount of damage. If you have ever lost a campervan to fire or seen one go up in flames, you’ll know just how dramatic, upsetting, and costly it can be.

News: Best places to watch the sunrise in your campervan

You don’t need to be a druid or wait until summer solstice to watch the sunrise. There are beautiful places around the UK that make the perfect spot for you to park up your campervan and enjoy one of nature’s greatest shows.

Motorhome & Campervans UK Club

Lancaster Insurance offers a number of insurance schemes for motorhome and campervan insurance - give us a call on 01480 220186 and we’ll get you a great deal!