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News: Multi Vehicle Policies Explained

As a specialist classic car broker, Lancaster Insurance is seeing a greater number of enthusiasts owning more than one vehicle, which can invariably mean more than one policy. The benefits with a multi vehicle policy mean all your vehicles would be under one roof, with one renewal date!

News: Multi-vehicle FAQ

At Lancaster Insurance, we’re seeing a greater number of enthusiasts owning more than one vehicle. To help take away the stress of multiple renewal dates and cluttered paperwork, below is more information on our multi-vehicle policies and how they may help you!

Multi-Vehicle Quotation Request

Multi-Vehicle Quotation Request

Multi-Vehicle Quotation Request

Multi-Vehicle Quotation Request

Multi Car Classic Insurance

If you have more than one classic car in your household, it can quickly become a chore remembering all your insurance renewal dates and policy numbers. Thankfully, we can arrange one insurance scheme that covers all your classic cars in one policy! Combining your classic vehicles in one single policy is a cost-effective way to cover all your cars. In order for us to be able to obtain the best multi-car insurance deal, please complete the call-back request form. We will then call you at a convenient time to discuss your insurance requirements. Alternatively, you can telephone us to discuss your specific classic car insurance requirements.

News: Vehicle theft: Don't let your classic become another statistic

Whether your classic has been in the family for years or is a new addition, being the victim of vehicle theft can be devastating. As classic car values soar, this is becoming common. Whilst we may not be able to stop every vehicle being stolen, there are a number of ways we can help reduce the chance and here at Lancaster, we’ve created a list of helpful hints and tips that may help.


This is a sweeping question but what are the ingredients for a “cult” vehicle? What are the elements that are guaranteed to draw onlookers to a car, whether it is parked on the street or attending a classic show?

Military Vehicle Insurance

Military vehicles are unique and it can be a challenge finding an affordable insurance policy for them. Whether it's a Jeep, a tank, armoured cars or an ex-military Land Rover finding the right package and price requires a specialist approach. This is where Lancaster Insurance can help.

News: Club of the month – Enthusiasts of British Motor Vehicles before 1985

Enthusiasts of British Motor Vehicles is a non-subscription Facebook-based group founded in 2014 and they have a worldwide membership of more than 25,000 and growing.

News: The Fiat 600 Multipla – The Pioneer People Carrier

Some motorists think that the ‘People Carrier’ emerged in the early 1980s along with Wham singles and boasting about owning a Betamax video recorder. However, in 1956 Fiat created the original Multipla - The Pioneer People Carrier - by modifying their rear engine 600 saloon into a four door six seater...


Sixty years ago, contestants and officials at the Olympic Games were transported by a fleet of extremely distinctive Fiats.

News: Top Ten Screen Motoring Clichés

Or – what I have learned over several decades of viewing: 1) “Period Dramas” in which virtually every car is a new or recent model for that year. The road footage of almost any 1950s or 1960s newsreel will contain a multitude of elderly vehicles. And just take a look at The Sweeney, with its armies of corroding Austin A60 Cambridges and Singer Vogues on the streets of Hammersmith and Battersea