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The Two Point Six was a highly exclusive machine even when new – the production run was just 2,000 - and the Gerald Palmer designed coachwork, with its slight overtones of the Lancia Aurelia Berlina, must be some of the most elegant of the 1950s.

News: 60 Years of the Riley One Point Five and Wolseley 1500

It must be said that the chap in the Riley brochure looks as jaunty as a young Nicolas Parsons or indeed any other actor who was prone to saying ‘gosh’ in a 1950s Technicolor comedy. And it is no wonder that he is tipping his hat to the new One Point Five, as it was – and indeed is – one of the most delightful British cars of the late 1950s.


In the 1970s I would occasionally encounter a well-polished blue & cream Vanguard Luxury Six.

News: The Ford Consul and Zephyr-Six Mk.I At 70

Seventy years ago, two of the stars of the 1950 London Motor Show could be found at Stand 154. The Ford Consul and Zephyr-Six not only promised ‘motoring satisfaction at a minimum of cost’ they also appeared startlingly modern in comparison with the Anglia E494, the Prefect and the V8 Pilot.


‘Wolseley elegance comes from having the right background’. At first glance, this appears to be a prime example of 1972-vintage automotive snobbery - targeting the sort of motorist who regarded crazy paving as the pinnacle of architectural achievement. Yet, the Six, the latest flagship of BL’s “Landcrab” family, really was a rather splendid machine.

News: Six Of The Finest Ice Cream Vans

Decent weather is final upon us (at least it was when I wrote those words!) and, as the cinema adverts used to claim back in the 1960s, now is the time for ice cream. Highly decorated and still a part of the motoring landscape, the ice cream van is a very welcome sight at the end of a long summer’s day so here are six classic examples.

Triumph Sports Six Club

Lancaster Insurance Services has specialised in arranging Classic Car Insurance since 1984. The knowledge and experience we have gained over the past two decades enables us to arrange insurance for members of the Triumph Sports Six Club (TSSC), which is individually tailored to meet your needs.

News: Six Ford Capri MK.I Rivals

Imagine that you’d hailed a lift in a passing Tardis and the Doctor had kindly deposited you at the 1972 Earls Court Motor Show, together with sufficient funds to purchase a reasonably priced coupe that was not a Ford Capri.

News: Sixty Years of the Mercedes-Benz Fintail

A Mercedes-Benz “Fintail” (“Heckflosse” in Germany) is a car that exudes gravitas and menace in equal measure.


These films are not adverts per se but the genre of short feature that a car or component manufacturer would commission to show potential trade clients or train their sales teams. For me, the six examples here all stand out for the simple reason that each is so memorable:

News: St Ives based Lancaster Insurance has a ball with ‘sweet sixteen’ anniversary

Last month, Lancaster Insurance celebrated its parent company, Markerstudy Group, ‘sweet sixteen’ birthday. Known for ‘putting the fun into insurance’ the Group’s annual ‘Markerstudy Day’, raised nearly £11,000 in total for charity.

News: Do you remember the Wolseley Hornet and the Riley Elf?

56 years ago, you just know that the young Hyacinth Bucket would have craved a new Wolseley Hornet or, better still, a Riley Elf. They may have been based on those new-fangled Morris Mini Minor and Austin Seven with their peculiar sideways mounted engine driving the front wheels, but these latest models were aimed at people of true refinement. Read the full article...